LA’s New Fitness Gurus

Creative concept and on-set art direction for the Mr Porter The Journal. Read an abstract from the article, below:

When it comes to health and wellness trends, it’s safe to say that most roads lead back to Los Angeles. It’s the city that gave us the spin class in the 1980s, Barry’s Bootcamp in the 1990s and the juicing trend of the past decade, all before they reached New York, London and beyond. Now, a new generation of health and fitness pioneers are using their proximity to Silicon Valley, not to mention their social media profiles, to break new boundaries. From making meditation less mundane, to reimagining desserts, to blasting Drake as you downward dog, meet five entrepreneurs disrupting the fitness industry as we know it.

LA is a paradise in a bubble of toxicity. It’s so easy to get sick. If it’s not air pollution, it’s that temperatures drop – in the eighties during the day to the fifties and most people’s bodies can’t handle those sudden changes. Something as simple as taking reishi can really improve your immune system.

Mushrooms do everything from keeping your immune system on point to providing antioxidants. When I go out with my friends, no one drinks. We’ll take adaptogens and herbs and still have a great time. It helps keeps your energy up. I use cordyceps from Real Mushrooms in place of coffee during the day. Cordyceps work to replenish your chi, which is your life force.
I used to have a huge sweet tooth, and even though I was eating really clean, even eating ice cream or cookies – including the supposedly healthy kind – a few times a week would ruin my skin and make me feel awful. So, I figured out how to create my own desserts with grain-free flours, healthy fats and Lakanto instead of sugar.

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Photography by Bill Gentle

Styling by Nicolas Klam

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