Tom Ford

Every man has his wardrobe go-tos, the things he feels most comfortable wearing. I collaborated with legendary designer Tom Ford for online retailed MR PORTER to create a series of films to showcase Mr Ford’s rules on style, underwear, grooming and perfume. In this video series, we explored the designer’s favourite clothing, grooming, underwear and perfume pieces. A large part of the success of Tom Ford as a menswear label is that Tom Ford is his own brand: people want to dress like him. And now they really can.

Tom Ford’s rules of style

In the first short film, designer Tom Ford introduces his exclusive capsule collection for MR PORTER comprised of his six personal wardrobe go-tos, and in the process he offers some useful and amusing advice on how a man should dress.

Tom Ford’s rules of underwear

There are few men we’d rather listen to than the velvet-tongued Tom Ford. Even when it comes to underwear. Here the Texan-born designer, known for his rigour, connoisseurship and, as of now, boxers, briefs and jockey shorts, delivers his thoughts on this important, yet often invisible part of a man’s wardrobe.

Tom Ford’s rules of fragrance

Tom Ford shares his men's grooming tips & secrets, pulling back the veil on his grooming regime and how he maintains his artfully sculpted facial hair and flawless skin, which are as much a part of his trademark look as his unbuttoned white shirt. Tom Ford has a reputation not just as one of the world’s best-dressed men, but one of its most well-groomed; Who better, then, to explain the perfect male grooming regime?

Tom Ford’s rules of fragrance

Scent is by far the most evocative of our five senses, and the way we smell can make just as much of an impression – if not more – than the way we look. One man doing more than most to ensure that you make the right impression is Mr Tom Ford

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